Hi everyone,

My name’s Varka, and I’m the owner of and person who has provided hosting to Herpy.

A long time ago, I offered to host a gallery dump for dinosaur and dragon references that needed a home (back in 2006, before dropbox etc). This gallery became known as the Herpy Reference Archive - and expanded and grew. A year or two later, I got distracted by other projects, and was not able to give it the attention it needed - and I passed responsibility off onto other moderators, who have handled the site until today.

Over the nearly 10 years since then, I’ve continued to offer free hosting to Herpy, and unfortunately really didn’t take a look into the site in detail for a long, long time. Recently, it was brought to my attention that there was a lot of concerning activity and discussion I’m not altogether comfortable with on the Herpy forums. I wasn’t consulted on the selection of the rules that were put in place, or the decisions made on how the site is run - and if I was, I wouldn’t have agreed with the rules or some decisions.

In addition, a lot of bugs and technical issues were brought to light, which - combined with the outdated nature of the gallery and forums (the vBulletin forum looks to be about 6 years out of date) - aren’t really solvable, except with a complete overhaul and re-implementation of the entire site.

Having looked through some of the content posted over the last few years, and the things which have gone unmoderated or have been overlooked, I sadly don’t feel comfortable hosting the site any more - and feel that Herpy’s time has come.

As such, as of today, I am sadly shutting down Herpy, and ending this chapter of the site’s life.

I am sorry to all members of the community - this is a tough decision for me to make, but I feel that there’s not a whole lot that can be saved with Herpy in it’s current state.

It’s been a great 10 years - and I’m confident that the friendships founded on this site will continue, even without it.

I wish you all the best.